Why you need to book holiday to Lapland || Christmas season in Lapland, Finland

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ViatorLapland was the best present I ever got from anyone! My husband is truly the best! This destination was on my bucket list since I was little. Which child or adult don’t want to visit Father Christmas at his very own house?! Despite the fact it was quite a few years ago, I still remember like it was yesterday. The whole experience from start to finish was just truly magical.

Why you need to book holiday to Lapland, Finland
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Chris booked our mini breakthrough Thomson Holidays (TUI) as in our opinion they offered the best value for money and their package plan was full of fun activities included in the price. The overall cost might look a bit steep for 3 days break, but trust me, it is 100% worth every penny. Plus, there is nothing better to kick off the festive season like a trip to Lapland.

Arriving at Lapland

The minute we stepped off the plane the magic began. We were greeted by a group of very happy elves that took us into a huge warehouse where we got kitted out in preparation for the freezing temperatures and snow. They honestly provide you with everything. From a snow Jacket to hat and gloves. All of this is part of your holiday package so you don’t need to spend any money. As we had all our winter gear with us, we didn’t need to borrow anything. From the warehouses, we all got our bus transfer to our hotels. During that time we learned about what we were going to be doing for the next 3 days. I was excited about our trip before but hearing what the elf had planned for us made me feel even more enthusiastic.

Santa Clause village in Lapland, Finland

Our accommodation

We stayed in Christmas Cottages in Rovaniemi. They were so cute and cosy. Inside, we had our very own sauna – best thing ever in this weather, a little living room area with a telly, dining table, kitchen, bed and step-ladder leading to another bedroom perfect if you have kids with you. Every night before bed, we put our clothes in the sauna so they are nice and toasty in the morning πŸ˜‰ The cottages were located right at the bottom of the ski slope. As a part of our package, we had breakfast and dinner included in the on-site restaurant. The food was amazing, we even tried a reindeer meat one night. I know what you are going to say, but I had to. I would recommend that you book the half board package as food in the restaurant is quite expensive and there are not many other places to choose in the area.

Christmas Cottages in Lapland, Finland
Our Christmas cottage

Christmas Cottages Lapland, Finland

The Lapland Activity’s

Our few days in Lapland were full up from the morning till late afternoon. Actually, I should say from evening to evening as in December you only get around 2-3 hours of sun during the day so it basically feels like an evening all the time.

Day 1 was the arrival day but as we had our afternoon to ourselves, we made our way to the nearby town to visit one of the most magical places on the planet. The most Northern McDonald’s in the world haha!

The most Northern McDonalds in the world in Lapland, Finland

On day 2 we tried snowmobiling, did few laps in the sledges pulled by husky, and a Reindeer sleigh ride. All these activities were only taster sessions to try to encourage you to book a full session for the evening, but to be honest, that was enough fun for us. We then spent our afternoon with elf’s, drinking hot berry juice listening to their stories. We also went sledging and made some snow angels.

Snowmobiling in Lapland, Finland

Rudolph the red nose reindeer in Lapland, Finland

Drinking Berry Juice with Elf's in Lapland, Finland

Fun in the snow. Snow angels in Lapland, Finland

Day 3 was even more exciting as we made our way to Santa Park. We spent the entire day in an underground grotto making Christmas decorations, attending elf lessons and visiting the ice bar for a drink. There is also a post office if you want to send a postcard back home, shops and workshops. In the evening we were invited to Santa’s house for Christmas dinner. We waited for him outside, together with his elf’s. Of course, he arrived in style on his sledge pulled by Rudolph and rest of the reindeer gang. After the gala dinner, we all had a few minutes with Santa on a one to one basis. I even got a little gift from him.

Sanat Grotto in Lapland, Finland

Post office in Santa Grotto in Lapland, Finland

Gala dinner at Father Christmas in Lapland, Finland

Ice Bar in Lapland, Finland

Things I wish I knew before our visit to Lapland

This place is truly amazing but be prepared that everything is super expensive. I mean, everything

It’s almost impossible to buy alcohol so if you like to have a couple of glasses of wine in your cottage before bed, you better buy a bottle at the airport in the UK. In Finland alcohol is sold only during daylight hours, but during that time you will be doing your activities. of course you can buy some wine in the restaurant but it comes with a price tag.

Do not wear Ugg boots. I did that by mistake, thinking they will be nice and warm but you will be like a Bambi on ice. I must have fallen over 100 times in a space of an hour. At the beginning it was funny, but after a few times, Chris stopped picking me up off the ground.

The Christmas cottages are lovely and located in such a beautiful setting but are prepared that if you want to go to town you will need to walk good 40 minutes or get a taxi. We had fun walking (minus the falling over) as this gave us the opportunity to see a little bit more of the area.

Santa Clause village in Lapland, Finland

Honesty, Lapland was one of the best short breaks we ever had. This place truly helps you relax and forget that you’re an adult, even if it’s only for a few days. No matter if you have kids or not Lapland should be very, very high on your bucket list. it’s like visiting Disneyland in the winter. Plus, nothing helps you get into a festive spirit than singing Christmas songs with elf’s and chatting to Santa Clause.

Elf in a bobble in Lapland, Finland

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Love, Natalia


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  1. Felt so fresh when I seen those pics. But don’t know much about Finland, but really will visit someday. Always wanted to see Nokia Factory as well. Will surely come to enjoy the snow.

  2. This looks like a place in a holiday movie. I must check this place out one day! Thanks for mentioning the alcohol thing too!

  3. Love how you have include things you wish you knew before your visit to Lapland. If I ever go to Lapland, I shall get a couple of wines and beers. These will warm me up at night.

  4. I went to Finland in summer: 22,23 and even 24 hrs of sunshine! That amazing and very energizing… I guess winter time is the opposite…

  5. I would love to visit Lapland in winter. I know it’s a very expensive destination but I think it’s worth to do it once in a lifetime. It’s so cute that you had a sauna in your cottage!

  6. I am a frequent traveler and I too wish to have such a holiday at least once. I am afraid of cold weather as I am living in the country with no 4 seasons. Still I wanted to try when I look at your beautiful photos and it look so much fun.

  7. All this looks just magical. If I ever gind myself during winter in Finland, I wish to visit this place. Thanks for recommending accomodation too and how to get there, that’s super useful.

  8. Oh yes, I miss Lapland. I live in Finland and I got to Lapland every winter. My favorite is still Northern lights though. Snowmobiling and reindeer is something I have done once.

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