10 genuine ways to travel the world for free || It’s possible to travel the world for free

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Travel the world for free and discovering new horizons is everyone’s dream. Every day you sit on the train on your way to work, scrolling through your Insta feed thinking to yourself „how do they do this?“ „ how can they afford to go to all those places?“ „Where do they get the money from?“. In this article, I will give you a few tips on how to travel the world for free. I know what you are going to say, „there is nothing free in the world“, but hear me out. If I tell you can travel without spending money will that sound a little bit more convincing? If so, then keep reading

Volunteer for a week

In recent years Diverbo became a super popular platform for free travelling. Diverbo pays for your travel and accommodation in places like Germany or Spain in exchange for chatting to local people so they can practice their English. You don’t need to be bilingual, it’s actually preferred if you only speak English. This is a fantastic idea not only because you can travel the world for free but also you will be able to meet some great people on the way, experience the local culture and go out to dinners and parties.

Be a trip organizer

If you and your mates share a passion for travelling, you can become a trip organizer and travel with them absolutely free. Thanks to YMT Vacations. This travel booking website specialises in escorted tours and cruises holidays to places such as Hawaii or Alaska. They will pay for your flights and accommodation if you organize a trip for 12 other people and book the holiday through them. Sounds amazing? What are you waiting for?! Start texting your friends and get organizing!

Visit your family

Do you have friends or family abroad? Now is the time to visit them. You will have free accommodation and probably food as well. You might need to return the favour one day, but that’s not too big of an issue if this will give you the opportunity to travel the world for free.

House Sitting

House sitting is another growing trend. All you need to do is stay in someone’s house when they are away. It’s possible it’s going to be a beautiful mansion with 10s of bedrooms and bathrooms. Oh, the struggle is real! In return for the favour ( I see this as free accommodation) you can ask the owners to pay for your flights or provide you with food during your stay. If this is something you might be interested in you can find more info on Mind my House.

Become an instructor

What’s better than travel the world for Free? Travel the world for free, share your passions with others and get paid, all at the same time. So if you are a yoga instructor, art teacher or a performer you can work in one of the holiday resorts. All you need to do is spend a couple of hours each day working and then you will have the rest of your day to explore the local area. The main advantage of working in a holiday resort is that they will pay for your travel, provide you with accommodation and food and even pay you a little bit for the pleasure.

Loyalty cards

Another way to travel the world for free is a reward scheme. They are normally free to join so sign up to as many as possible. Every time you travel on Eurostar or booking your accommodation with specific a hotel chain, you collect points that eventually get you free stuff. Get an airline credit card to pay for your shopping etc., you will collect reward points that you can exchange for flights.

My trick: Get Emirates Amex credit card to pay for your day-to-day stuff, pay it off every month in full so you don’t get stung by the high-interest fee. Exchange your collected points with one of the Emirates partners such as Easy Jet. You can get flights with partners for much fewer points to what you would need with Emirates.

You can even collect points on your grocery shopping. Collect your Tesco Clubcard or Nectar points and exchange them for travel tickets or accommodation. You will normally get 3x the value of your points to spend.


Travelling in the summer? Stay in a tent instead of a hotel. Not only are you going to have beautiful views and be closer to nature but it will also be Free. You might be lucky enough to share a lift with someone. Many people travel from place to place for work. That can be sometimes lonely and boring. That’s why many people offer to give free lifts in return for some company in the car during the journey. You can find more info on Liftshare.com

Cabin crew member

The other option to travel the world for free is to get a job that will offer you that! Become a cabin crew member, hotel inspector or a travel writer. The list is endless. Not only you will get the opportunity to travel the world, but all your expenses will also be paid for. You will probably get an opportunity to stay in some amazing hotels. So not only will you be able to travel the world for free, but you will also be able to do it in style 😉

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28 thoughts on “10 genuine ways to travel the world for free || It’s possible to travel the world for free

  1. I always feel tavel would be expensive and all, but I want to do someday. So I am pretty thankful that I stumbled upon your list and some great ideas you put it there.May use it in future someday.

  2. Some very good tips about traveling without having to worry about money.
    I wish someone had told this when I was younger and not married.
    Now with all the responsibilities I feel travelling is difficult for me.

  3. I am happy that you included real options in your post and not just go with “couch surf”, which is not a viable solution for long term traveling. Out of your list I have done house sitting only, where I took care of a friend’s cat while she was away and I was visiting her home city.

  4. I have a cabin crew friend, who sure is, loving to travel for free. In my case, I guess, Diverbo would be a nice gateway to try.

  5. I’ve definitely thought of house sitting for others before. It would be nice because you get to see different houses but also travel the world!

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