11 facts you didn’t know about your travel insurance policy || Are you protected?

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Travel insurance policy is super important. You should always book it at the same time as your holiday. This will ensure your holiday is protected in case you need to cancel your journey. But is your travel insurance covering everything you would expect it to cover? Is every policy the same? Which one insurance should you chose? Read on to find out.

Travel Warning

Check the Foreign Travel Advice website before you travel. When your travel destination has a travel warning in place, your policy will automatically become invalid. But If the travel warning was put in place after you booked your holiday, you will be able to claim it through your insurance. If you booked a package holiday, the travel agent most likely will be happy to re-book it to a different destinations.

Annual Travel Policy or one-off?

If you travel more than twice a year, is most likely annual travel insurance policy will work out cheaper. Sometimes you can get annual travel insurance policy together with your bank account. Talk to your bank, as sometimes you can get travel insurance policy, phone insurance policy and car breakdown cover for the same price as you would pay just for an annual travel policy with one of the insurance providers

Is every country covered?

If you traveling to Spain or Balearic Island, make sure you check you travel insurance policy. Some travel insurers exclude Spain and Spanish island from their European policy covers

It’s cocktail o’clock

You travel insurance policy might be invalid if you had a drink. Whhhhat? For most of us that’s a major part of our holiday.But yes. When you lose something or hurt yourself you might not be covered if you had a couple glasses of vino. Be aware! Some insurers might even request a blood test to verify if you consumed any alcohol.

What’s the difference?

Travel Insurance policy and travel accident insurance are two different things. Don’t get those two mixed up. Travel insurance policy covers you for any travel cancellations and medical treatments. Travel accident insurance ( comes with some credit cards) covers accidents on a plane, train or hire car you booked using that credit card.

Medical Conditions

Make sure you declare all the medical conditions, no matter how small they are. Your travel insurance policy can be invalid if you do not provide your insurer with the list of all pre-existing conditions for every traveller that is included in the policy.

Travel insurance policy vs EHIC

Your European Health insurance card is not a travel insurance policy. You should always have both when travelling around Europe. EHIC card is absolutely free. You can get one by applying online here. Your EHIC card gives you the state-run medical cover. So if the locals get certain treatment for free, you will get it as well. This mean you won’t have to claim it on your insurance.

What about private treatments?

Most of the travel insurance policy’s do not cover private hospital treatments. There are some exclusions such as: it was an emergency and there was not state-run hospital in the area.

Active holiday

If you planning on going on a active holiday such as skiing or wakeboarding, you will need to buy insurance that covers extreme sports. You will also need this type of insurance if you planning to ride a moped or go scuba diving. Even going go carting can be classified as a dangerous activity.

What else isn’t protected?

Your gadgets are most likely not covered. With many cheap travel insurance policy’s you need to request for your gadgets to be protected. Of course this can increase your premiums. Talk to your bank, as sometimes they might offer you travel insurance policy and phone insurance policy together with your bank account at a lower price to what you would pay for your annual travel insurance policy elsewhere.

Last day of holiday. You need to check out before lunchtime but your transfer is not till evening. But that’s not a problem as almost every hotel has a luggage storage room. Leaving your bags is the storage room will invalidate your policy as the insurer will classify this as leaving your bags unattended.

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26 thoughts on “11 facts you didn’t know about your travel insurance policy || Are you protected?

  1. Wow! You are blowing my mind right now! I didn’t realize how much I DIDN’T know about travel insurance! We typically do not purchase it, but we’re heading to Paris in a few weeks and I purchased it to be on the safe side. I guess I had better revisit the terms of this policy to see how much and what exactly is covered. Thanks for sharing this valuable information.

  2. I have to admit as I normally travel in the same country I don’t know a lot about travel insurance. I would love one day to visit more places though so this is great information!

  3. wow I didn’t know all of this about travel insurance. super important to keep it in mind, espeically as someone who loves to travel so much.

  4. I don’t think I’ve ever taken out travel insurance before – and we travel quite a bit. I never knew about the alcohol thing – must read the fine print carefully! Also, I wonder why many exclude Spain…

  5. Wow, I didn’t know these until I read your article. Thanks for sharing this piece of useful information, will keep in mind about these when I wanna buy a travel insurance in future 🙂

  6. Wow, this is very interesting and informative article. I am honestly telling you that I don’t get an insurance every time I travel but this time I need to rethink in getting a travel insurance for our next trip.

  7. I knew travel insurance was available, but did not know anything about it. This was helpful information that I will use if we ever get the opportunity to travel.
    We are in the US and we have car insurance and free emergency car towing if our car breaks down. That is the closest thing to travel insurance that we have. 🙂

  8. These are such good things to know! This just reminded me that I need to get travel insurance for my upcoming trip.

  9. It’s so smart to have travel insurance. My husband is in the military so we get it for every trip we decide to go on. You never know and we’ve actually had to use it before which has been great.

  10. Oh wow I didnt know about travel insurance not being valid if you had a drink. I think this is important and not something people would just know as common sense because it isnt.

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