Top Tips on how to kick ass at your interview and get the job you always wanted!

First thing first, Congratulations on getting selected and invited to an interview. This is your time to shine, and sell yourself to potentially your new employer. It’s also time to see if the company is definitely right for you. Remember, interview process is designed to work both ways. For the employer to know you a little bit more, and to see if you are the right person for the job, but also so you can find out if the company is right for you. Just because they have your dream job available at the moment it doesn’t mean the company culture will suit you. If you decide to take the next step, make sure is the right one. Otherwise you will find yourself in the same position as you’re now- looking for a new job!

After working for nearly 10 years as a line manager for various business, I have done fair share of interviews for different roles. I have also attended quiet few interviews myself over the years, and I have always got positive feedback from the recruiters and hiring managers. I guess I must be doing something right. I thought it will be useful to put a little guide of the “must follow steps” at any interview. So there it is:

Step 1 Do your research

Before you attend any interview, do your research about the company. Employers like to see that you have put an effort in preparation for your meeting. Many of them will ask you questions such as: What do you know about the company? Or Why do you want to work for Our company? Trust me, there is nothing more embarrassing than guessing, or even worse, silence!

Step 2 Look Presentable

I normally choose white blouse, or shirt and black pencil skirts, or dress for my interviews. I know, it’s a bit old-fashioned, but you don’t want them to concentrate their attention on your bright pink flowery top. You want to grab their attention with your knowledge, not your outfit. Make sure you clothes are ironed and shoes are clean. This might sounds like an obvious thing but trust me, over the years I have seen it all! If the company tells you to dress smart casual for your Interview always go more smart than casual.

Step 3 Don’t be late!

Its nothing worse than being late for your interview. Always leave yourself plenty of time to accommodate for traffic, or other any obstructions. It really doesn’t give great first impression if you are not on time. If you cant get to your interview at agreed hour, what are you going to be like, if you actually got the job?! It always looks good if you arrive 10-15 mins earlier for your meeting.

Step 4 Don’t stress and be yourself

Remember, they chose you among all of the other candidates that applied for this job. You must be doing something right. They clearly must have liked your CV if they selected you, so just take a chill pill. It will also show that you can cope under pressure. If you’re nervous, or stressed there is more of a chance for you to forget what you want to say, or say something stupid.

Step 5 Have few questions ready

Always have few questions ready for your new potential employer. You could ask them more about the role, if they haven’t covered it already. You could also ask them, what the company culture is like? Or what they enjoy most about working for the company?

Step 6 Sell yourself

This is your time to shine. Make the most of it. Talk about what you have done in the past to show of your skill set. Tell them about any success stories you might have. They might ask you about challenging situation from the past, so they can see what would you do in difficult circumstances. Be prepared for that. Always try to turn the negative into a positive.

Step 7 Show me the money, or not!

This is always the awkward part of the interview. If the hiring manager have not mentioned potential salary there is few options you could follow. You could ask them what sort to benefits package they offer to new employees? This won’t come across too harsh and will also cover any extras like additional holidays, private healthcare etc.

You can always ask what is the next stage of the process if you were successful in the round one. If they say there will potentially be second or third interview, leave the money talk until then.This shows you’re interested in the company/ role more that you’re in the salary (even if this isn’t the truth).

The good way to start talk about money is asking the interviewer if they are the right person to have this conversations with. Just because they conducting the process it doesn’t mean they have the authority to discuss your salary with you.

Step 8 Ask for feedback

After the interview is over don’t be afraid to ask for feedback. It’s better to do it right after as they might not necessarily remember all the details few days down the line. It will also show that you like feedback which is always welcome in any company.


32 thoughts on “Top Tips on how to kick ass at your interview and get the job you always wanted!”

  1. I love the points you make. However, you know what I hate the most? When they advertise a job (as they should do) but they already know that the role will be filled internally! Such a hassle for the person following all these tips not knowing that they don’t even stand the slightest chance of being employed in that role. Would love your thoughts on this.

    1. I completely agree!But then, I guess is a part of life dealing with dishonesty. I have once worked for a company that will promote you based on the amount of extra hours you were prepared to work for free instead of looking at your skill set, and how good you were at your job. As you can imagine, I didn’t stay there very long haha
      I always google as much as I can about the company prior to my interview. I try to find out as much as I can from other candidates that attended interviews in the past and posted their experience online. I also look on LinkedIn to see how long people have been working for that company, and how many job titles they had. That normally gives me a good indication of the company culture and if they look after their employees 🙂

  2. Great tips! I’m applying for a lot of jobs right now, so I’m taking all the advice that I can get – I’ve done interviews in the past, but it’s always a good idea to see what I can change.


  3. This is going to come in handy for me soon as I’m looking for a new job and I haven’t had an interview in 10 years! Thanks for this.

  4. The best advice I have ever received is always make sure to pay attention when cleaning your shoes before an interview. I heard of people not hiring people if the backs of their shoes are visible and dirty. If they can’t pay attention to the backs of their shoes, how will they pay attention to detail in the job?

  5. Loved the tips! Dressing properly makes a huge difference for sure. I’ve heard horror stories from old managers about candidates that came in dressed like they were heading to bed. It baffles my mind that people even consider leaving their house for an interview dressed like that!

  6. You’ve got some really good tips here. The first few interviews I did, I hadn’t researched the companies at all and very quickly came unstuck – highly embarrassing! It’s always good to have some questions for them too and some answers to those questions they often ask such as what are your strengths and weaknesses or name a time you overcame a problem and how you did it etc. Also I totally agree with what you wrote about looking presentable – the safe and conservative option is always best!

  7. No denying the tips are great, especially when the interviewee is new or of introvert in nature. Thanks for sharing such insightful advice for job seekers.

  8. Have given many interviews, and taken pretty few interviews in my career, after all these exposure I tend to worry about the process till gets over. The butterflies are certainly going to remain what age may we attain. Its the fear of unknown which eats us up and eager to impress for a better outcome..! 🙂 which is not in our hands..! Confidence is key, which is come a leaf out of my little exposure and experience. But not over confidence it might kill the whole outcome..!

  9. These are great and very practical tips. I remember when I was job hunting, I didn’t know most of these and I suffered a lot, I stressed all the time, and was so nervous it was obvious, probably cost me.. Thank you for sharing

  10. Great advise! My cousin will be graduating college in may, this is very useful information. I will pass this on to him, his first interview didn’t go so well so he has been very nervous about future interviews.

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