Best of Tokyo in 4 days || Everything you need to know before you visit

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My husband and I go on lots of holidays, but they are normally all-inclusive, resort-based escapes with few excursions here and there. For our honeymoon, we wanted to do something special. We didn’t want it to be just another holiday. We wanted to be an adventure. Something we going to remember for the rest of our lives. And there I was. Booking our flights and hotel for our honeymoon in TOKYO!!!

After watching Fast & Furious Tokyo Drift I have always wanted to go to Tokyo. Finally, my dream became true! I don’t think I have ever been so excited about going away.

The ultimate travel guide to Tokyo, Japan
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First Impressions

I’ve never been to a place so weird, but so amazing at the same time. When we go away I don’t really like to go to the same place twice as I want to see as much of the world as possible, but Tokyo is one of the destinations I could visit over, and over again! The first thing I have noticed about Tokyo was the fact they had vending machines everywhere, and with everything! I don’t mean your standard machine with canned drinks, or bar of chocolate. They have vending machines with hot food, alcohol, cigarettes, and everything else you might want.

Vending machine with hot food in Tokyo, Japan
Vending machine with hot food in Tokyo, Japan

The other thing that struck me was how safe we felt there, and how nice and helpful everyone was. From the staff in the shops to our travel guides. Even when we waited for the train everyone has been standing in the designated queue line and got on the train one by one- here, in London people won’t let you even get off the train first before they start pushing their way in.

We used trains as our main form o transportation around Tokyo

We pre-booked all of our tours before our holiday through and I have to say, they have been truly amazing. As we were in Tokyo for only 4 days we wanted to squeeze in as much as possible, and they definitely delivered on that. The other reason we always book our excursions with them is the fact that they send you an email the day before, remaining you not only of the time, and meeting place, but also attache picture of your tour guide which I think is very useful. Especially if you’re in a foreign country.


After missing our connection flight in Dubai we have finally arrived at the Haneda airport at around midnight at the local time. We decided to get the cab to our hotel as we were too tired to be fussing around on the train. We wanted to get to our hotel as quickly as possible and go to bed as we had an early start in the morning. Our taxi driver was lovely, but he didn’t speak any English which was… interesting. We had no idea if we were going to the right place until we actually arrived there.

Our Hotel

We were staying in the Granbell hotel in Shinjuku. Our hotel was nice and modern. Located just off the main road. It had a rooftop bar and restaurant which was pretty amazing. The room was very clean but tiny. Probably the smallest room I’ve ever stayed in. We had a double bed pushed against the wall and a desk with a chair. There was no wardrobe or drawers to put your clothes away. In fact, the room was so small we struggled to open our suitcases. Then we didn’t care about the room that much as we didn’t plan on spending much time in it anyway. There was lots of complementary products such as toiletry’s, sleepers, and even PJ’s. The most strange thing about this room was the bathroom. It had a toilet operated by a control panel. It also had a window, and this might not be a weird thing to have a window in the bathroom, it was in this hotel as the window was looking out into the room !!!

Tokyo Day 1

After a few hours of sleep, we left at 6 am for our first day of exploring. We were like zombies, but very excited as neither I or my husband have ever been to Japan before. We set off to get our train ( thank goodness for Google Maps as we would probably still be there looking for the train station) to our meeting point for our first excursion. The first thing we saw was the Tokyo Tower which is the second tallest structure in Japan. It looks a bit like a mini Eiffel Tower painted red and white.

Tokyo Tower in Japan
Tokyo Tower

Our first stop for the day was at Meiji Jingu Shrine (other known as Yoyogi Shrine) and Imperial Palace East Gardens. Both of which were amazing. During our walk through the Meiji Jingu Shrine, we were lucky enough to witness a real-life Japanese wedding ceremony. I have never in a million years expected for this to happen. It was truly an amazing experience.

Japanese wedding in Tokyo, Japan
Japanese wedding in Tokyo, Japan

Imperial Palace Gardens were absolutely stunning and very peaceful, but what I find a bit weird is that all of this is surrounded by super-tall, modern buildings, and busy streets, yet somehow you forget about the fact you’re in the middle of the busy city.

Admission tickets to Imperial Palace gardens

Imperial Palace Gardens in Tokyo, Japan

Imperial Palace Garden in Tokyo, Japan

From there, we made our way to Sensō-Ji Temple which is for sure “must see” when you in Tokyo! The temple is free to enter hence it can get very busy, especially during lunchtime hours. This traditional Japanese Temple is surrounded by little shops selling Japanese products and souvenirs. There is also a high possibility you will bump into Japanese girls dress up in traditional kimonos

Sensō-ji Temple in Tokyo, Japan

Sensō-ji Temple in Tokyo, Japan

Geisha, Japanese Girls in kimono in Tokyo, Japan

We finished off the day on the deck of the luxury boat- Symphony where we chilled out with few cocktails, and enjoy relaxing cruise around Tokyo Bay, passing landmarks such as Rainbow Bridge, Tokyo Tower, Tokyo Sky Tower, Gate Bridge, Wakasu and Odaiba Seaside before we parked up at the Hinode Terminal

Tokyo Day 2

Day two was even busier than day one. At last, we managed to get a proper night sleep beforehand. As on the previous day, we left our hotel around 6 am and head of to bus station via train to meet our guide- who btw was lovely and very knowledgeable. The main reason I liked our guide?- she wasn’t boring. She provided us with lots of interesting facts during our tour in a funny, and engaging way, and even though us a Japanese song.

After a few hours on the bus, we finally arrived at our destination, which was Man Fuji. I have to admit, I was a bit disappointed when we came off the bus. Firstly, because it was freezing cold- like winter jacket freezing cold. Secondly, it was so foggy you could not see 5 meters ahead.

Man Fuji 5th Station in Japan map

Man Fuji 5th Station in Japan
This is how foggy it was

We spent most of our time in the shops pretending to buy stuff but in fact, we only wanted to warm up. We then head off to get a mountain rail to the Man Fuji 5th Station. The view from the rail pod was incredible but again, when we arrived at the top it was so foggy we couldn’t see a thing.

Lake Ashi in Japan

We hopped back on the bus and went to experience our traditional Japanese lunch which was part of our tour. Our tour guide took us to a shop with hand made, leather goods where on the top floor we were greeted by the owner and sit at our table with a view of the Lake Ashi. For lunch, we had Miso soup-which was very much like chicken noodle soup. We also had noodles, rice, and a bit of a grilled chicken. All of which was very, very yummy.

Traditional Japanese meal in Japan

Lake Ashi in Japan

After our little rest, we head off for our cruise around Lake Ashi, which lasted about an hour. Then hop on the bus we go for our last stop of the day at the Shinkansen Train Station where we left on a Bullet Train heading back to Tokyo. I think the Bullet train was the most fun experience of the day, mainly because I was finally in the warmth lol

Bullet train train station in Tokyo Japan

Bullet train train station in Tokyo Japan

Tokyo Day 3

On day 3 we decided to take it easy and do more freestyle touring. We didn’t book any excursions as we want to have a bit of lay in ( we left at 8 am instead of 6 am!!) we head off to Harajuku on the mission to find one of the themed cafes. There are hundreds of them there. From unicorn themed, cat-themed or french maid themed.

Bunny rabbit cafe in Tokyo Japan, Theme cafe

We went to Bunny Rabbit cafe and it was not what I expected at all. The cafe was located on the first floor of the building. It looked more like a studio flat type of place. You pay at the entry the pending on how long you would like to stay. You have unlimited soft drinks included in the price, but to be honest, I wasn’t interested in having a drink as the only reason I wanted to go there is so I can play with lots of bunny’s 🙂 We were provided with an apron to protect our clothes. Just in case one of them decided to pee on us. We were also given a box of treats each ( for the bunnies, not for us) the whole experience was great. Animals were very playful, and we got lots of cuddles. They were well looked after which for me was very important.

Next, we walk around the streets of Harajuku. We went into a few entertainment centres which are out of this world. In each building, there was probably about 10 floors full of different types of games and entertainment machines. You could easily tell who goes there every day lol

We decided to head off to Ginza for lunch, a bit of shopping and a few drinks on the way. We had a flavoured frozen beer that looked like a beer slush puppy. On the top, it had frozen froth which looked like ice cream. Strange and cool at the same time. We then went Shibuya Train Station (walking through the busiest crossing in the world of course) and head back to our hotel.

In the evening we went out to see a Robot Show– and there is only one word to describe it all – CRAZY!!!! I wouldn’t even know where to start on this one. It was the most bizarre 2 hours of my life, but I will definitely recommend to go and see it as I can guarantee, you have never seen anything like this before.

Tokyo Day 4

Our last day in Japan started again very early. We had to leave at 5.30 am to get to our meeting point for 6 am. We then met our tour guide and one more person that was booked to go with us. Our tour guide drove us in his own car ( that was a bit strange) outside of Tokyo to Stables where we took part in a morning training session for… SUMO WRESTLING!!! This was proper fun to watch. After the training has finished, the sumo wrestlers explained to us what it takes to be a sumo fighter. Told us more about their culture, diet and training. I can tell you that I would not want to mess around with any of them lol

Sumo wrestling fight in Tokyo, Japan

As we still had a few hours to kill before our evening flight, we went to Shinjuku Gyoe National Gardens and nearby Government Building. You can visit the Government Building and take the lift to the top floor. There is viewing trace, and restaurant. The restaurant was a bit pricey, but it was worth it as the food was incredible. Plus, you’re surrounded by a panoramic view of Tokyo. What a better way to finish the trip ey?!

Heading to Tokyo? Have any questions? Comment below and I’ll try to help you as best as I can 🙂

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Love, Natalia

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  1. wow, this looks so fun and exciting. i love it. i hope you had an awesome time. Tokyo is an amazing destination, its on my travel list 🙂 thank you for sharing the photos 🙂

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