Is Emirates business class worth the money || What is really like to fly Emirates business class

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I think it is every traveller’s dream to fly to their destinations in style and comfort. Every time I check in I try to pull every trick under the sun to get upgraded to business class. Somehow, it never works. I have to say, I never flew business class until my husband upgraded our seat to Emirates business class on our flight back from our honeymoon in Dubai. I have to say, this wasn’t cheap and to be honest I didn’t really want to do it because a) I didn’t see any point in spending that much money and b) we just came back from Japan which wasn’t cheap either.

What is like to fly Emirates Business Class || Is Emirates Business Class wort the money?
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A couple of days before our departure from Dubai, we got an email from Emirates offering us to upgrade our standard seats to Emirates Business Class at the reduced cost. The deal was pretty good if you think about it as for an extra ยฃ500 per person we could fly in style, which was massively discounted if you think about it. Of course, there was a catch. To get our tickets at this price we could not use chauffeur service or have access to Emirates business class lounge at the airport. Somehow I could live with that lol

Emirates Business Class check-in

As a part of our upgraded, we could use the dedicated check-in service and security control. The minute we entered we walked to a check-in desk on a red carpet. This was pretty cool. At the check in there was no queues. We also had separate security control which means we were done within 20 minutes. As we could not access the lounge ( you can if you pay full price for the Emirates Business Class ticket) we spent the next couple of hours wandering around the shops and trust me, at Dubai airport, there are hundreds of them. When we finally got called for our flight, we had priority boarding. So far so good…

Entering the Emirates Business Class

What is like to fly Emirates Business Class || Is Emirates Business Class wort the money?
Champagne Lifestyle

We flew on the amazing Airbus A380 which has two levels. As Business Class passengers, we were at the top deck together with first-class customers.
The minute we stepped on the plane, a welcoming and well-groomed stewardess took us to our seats and this is where the magic happened. OMG, my seat had a so much leg room I could not actually reach the footrest, haha The seats were more like comfy armchairs. Each of us had our own mini bar with soft drinks and water and a menu. We also had an iPad to operate our seat and tv. The seat reclined into a bed and if you wanted, the stewardess will bring your mattress, duvet and pillow. Each seat also had a privacy screen that you could have up or down.

Shortly after we sat down, we got offered hot cloth to refresh ourselves. Our steward came to introduce himself and offer us a drink. We opted for champagne. And it wasn’t cava or prosecco. It was actual, unlimited champagne. You can guess how I spent my next 6 hours.

For dinner, we could choose from the menu. The food was delicious. Restaurant standard, not the ready meal you would get in economy class. The food was served on a tray with white linen napkins, proper crockery and cutlery and even a flower in a small vase. The steward offered us to match the wine with the meal but we stuck to a glass of champagne.

What is like to fly Emirates Business Class || Is Emirates Business Class wort the money?

At the back end of the plane, there was a social area with a bar serving drinks and snacks. We decided to stay in our seats though as we could watch films and stretch out on the bed/ seat.

As it was our honeymoon the stewardess gave us a full-size chocolate cake, a bottle of champagne to take home and took a picture of me and Chris. I honestly felt like royalty.

Is Emirates Business Class worth it?

To answer the question: ” Is Emirates Business Class worth the money?” my answer is YES, YES AND YES. I could almost guarantee that we got our money back in all the champagne we drank. The only reason I regret I flew Emirates Business Class is that now I don’t want to fly any other way and all of the sudden, all our holidays became much more expensive haha

And to think, I was the person trying to convince Chris that upgrading our tickets was a waste of money. I’m scared to think what the first class must be like haha

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Why Rye is the perfect weekend getaway || 10 things to do Rye in East Sussex

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If you’re looking to escape from the city for a day or two, Rye is the perfect weekend getaway. Located in East Sussex, only 2 hours drive from London, and only 15 miles from Hastings, this beautiful, medieval town will definitely help you unwind and recharge your batteries in preparation for the week ahead.

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I like visiting Rye every now and then. This little East Sussex Town is nothing like your typical coastal location. Rye is full of independent shops, cafes and restaurant. All hidden in the narrow cobbled streets. Most of the shops are selling local art and crafts. Despite the size, there is plenty to do here. Every time I visit I discover something new. Here is a list of all my favourite things to do when visiting Rye.

10 things that make Rye the perfect weekend getaway

Ypres Tower- other known as Rye Castle, was built around the 14th Century. It was originally built as a part of the town defence wall. The Ypres tower is the second oldest building in Rye that is open to the public. From 1430 the tower was used as a private residence by John de Ypres – hence the name. In 1494 it was changed into prison for smugglers. Unfortunately, the top of the castle was closed to the public, but even from the first floor, we had amazing views of the harbour. As part of our visit, we saw a display of old police uniforms, old cells and played with the swords. We also listened to audio presentations telling us how the prison used to operated. We also visited the Women’s Tower, located in the Castle garden. The ticket costs only ยฃ4.00 per Adult ||

St Marys Parish Church– built in the 12th century, this is the oldest building in Rye still open to the public. We discovered the church of by chance when we walked around the streets. I saw it from the outside a few times before but never actually went inside. Despite the small size, the church is full of character. My favourite part was walking up to the top of the bell tower. The view of Rye and the surrounding area is absolutely stunning from there. Absolutely worth climbing up the ladders and squeezing through the narrow corridors. The St Mary’s Church is free to enter, but going up the bell tower costs ยฃ4.00 ||

Rye Harbour Nature Reserve– instead of your typical pier with 2p machines Rye has a beautiful Harbour. You could easily spend the entire day just walking around discovering different routes, looking at the animals and their habitats. You can also take a little bit of a long walk all the way to Camber Castle, which I am yet to discover myself ||

Rye Heritage Centre– this is the perfect place to visit if you want to learn more about Rye’s history through a replica model of the town, sound and lights effects. If you prefer learning the history out in the field, you can book Rye walking tour. For a little bit more excitement I will recommend renting out the audio tour that takes you on a ghost hunt around Rye. Imagine how much fun you can have, walking around medieval town listening to ghost stories ๐Ÿ˜‰ ||

Lamb House– The Lamb House finally reopened after undergoing a 3-year renovation. Thanks to this, visitors can discover even more parts of the house. In the past, the Lamb House was home to writers such as E F Benson and Henry James. If you like reading, you are more than welcome to sit in one of the rooms and enjoy one of the books written by the previous owners. You can also visit the beautiful gardens where you can enjoy nice afternoon tea and cake in the garden tea room. From outside, the house doesn’t look that big, but you can easily spend a few hours there learning the history and talking to very knowledgeable and friendly staff ||

Rye Landgate– You cannot miss The Landgate when discovering Rye. Part of the original defence wall these 14th Century towers are unfortunately closed to the public. But even looking at the Gate from outside can give you the feel of how the town used to look.

Discover the streets– I really enjoy walking around, looking at the quirky old buildings and looking out for unusual street names. With names like ” Mermaid Street”, “Deadman’s Lane” or “Love Lane” to name the few you can have a lot of fun trying to find the weirdest ones. Or, if you fancy a challenge, here is the list of all the street names you can find in Rye. How many of them can you tick off the list?

Have a drink…or two– Ok, the main reason why Rye is the perfect weekend getaway is for the pubs and restaurant. Not sure about you, but nothing relaxes me more than sitting in a lovely independent restaurant, having a nice meal and a few glasses of vino. Rye is full of little cafes, bars and restaurants. Some hidden away in the narrow cobbled streets. If you enjoy sitting outside and watching the world go by while having a drink, I highly recommend the Waterworks micropub located on Tower Street. The fact that this little pub has only 5-star reviews on TripAdvisor speaks for itself.

Attend Festival– There is always lots going on in Rye, during the year. From scallops festival in February to Art Festival in September packed with exhibitions from local artists. For the entire event, calendar visit

Go shopping– I looove walking around shops in Rye. They all sell unique products you’re unlikely to find anywhere else. Even if you are not planning on buying anything its still great fun to walk around. Even my husband doesn’t mind a little Rye window shopping, where normally the thought of walking around the shops he has every excuse under the sun ready – and more.

Rye is the perfect weekend getaway for everyone. Despite the town not being very big, I think you can have so much fun there as a family, but also as a couple on a romantic, chilled escape. If you are looking to discover other destinations close to London, check out my guide to Brighton.

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24 hours in Brighton & Hove || What to do when visiting Brighton

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I haven’t been to Brighton in years. When my husband told me he needs to go there for a business trip I was more than happy to pack my overnight bag and go with him. I’m really fortunate that my work can be done from any place in the world. Plus I have a cool boss that lets me working outside of the office quite often. I guess this what you call the right work-life balance.

Brighton is only an hour and a half from where we leave yet, I never have time to actually go there. I was quietly excited to spend a few days there and discover the city again, check out new cool places to eat and see what has changed since my last visit.

I spend my morning working from a Cafรฉ – I was surprised how many people actually work from coffee shops… anyways, after finishing my tasks I went to explore the area.

How to spend 24 hours in Brighton & Hove
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First stop, Brighton West Pier

The first place I went to was the beach by the West Pier. As it was still fairly early in the day, the area was pretty quiet. The weather was beautiful, around 23 degree Celsius and full sunshine. I sat on the stone beach and just watched the world go by. Shops and restaurants just began to open. I sat there for about half an hour before I made my way down towards Brighton Palace Pier.

โ€žWest Pier was built in the 1860s. It was designed by Eugenius Birch to attract more tourist and visitors to the Brighton area. All the way to 1916 the West Pier had lots of contractual changes. The Pier closed down in 1975 and fall into disrepair. In 2002 major section of the pier collapsed, and two arson incidents left the English Heritage beyond repair. In 2010 majority of the structure was removed to make space for i360 observation towerโ€œ

On my way, I passed British Airways i360 observation tower- glass viewing pod that takes you up 450ft for an amazing 360-degree panoramic view of Brighton and the local area. I really regret not going on it, to be honest, but I said to myself that next time my husband goes to Brighton for work I will go with him again just so I can go on it.

Brighton Palace Pier

Walking along the beach toward Palace Pier I went passed lots of in depended shops, restaurants and bars getting ready for the afternoon trade. If you fancy a little bit of history, you can pop into Fishing Museum that is free to enter and is located right at the seafronts. It really felt like being on holiday abroad.

After about 15 minutes of a slow walk, I made it to Brighton Palace Pier.

The pier was full of people, mainly kids on their school trips. I had to wander around before I grabbed one of the free decking chairs to do a bit of sunbathing and listen to the local buskers. If sunbathing and chilling isn’t your thing, you can spend your day at the amusement park located at the end of the pier, spend few ยฃยฃ at the arcades or have lunch at the Victoria Restaurant.

For all the brave people, outside of the pier, there is a Brighton Zip– the longest zipย in South coast measuring 300m with an additional drop zone offering a 24m free-fall experience. Somehow I passed on this attraction lol

If you have a bit more time than I had, you can also visit Sealife I did that on my first ever trip to Brighton many, many, many years ago. It was pretty amazing, but you will need to be prepared to spend a good few hours there to see everything properly.

Royal Pavilion

Around 2 pm I started making my way back towards the town centre so I can check in into our hotel and do some more work. I decided to take a little detour and visit the Royal Pavilion which you can’t miss when visiting Brighton. The Royal Pavilion is surrounded by beautiful gardens. As it was such a beautiful day, lots of people chose to have their lunch there, seating on the grass and chilling.

Just outside of the garden gates there is a Brighton Dome and Brighton Museum & Art gallery, which due to lack of time ( I was there only for one day) I could not visit, but I added them to my list of โ€žplaces to visit on my next returnโ€œ

If you planning on going inside the Royal Pavilion, I will recommend doing so first thing in the morning as later it can get super busy with all the school kids and other tourists.

โ€ž The Royal Pavilion was built in 3 stages in 1787. It was a seaside residency for George, Prince of Wales. The Pavilion was then extended in 1815โ€œ

Brighton Town Centre

Brighton Town centre is very lively and colourful. Everyone is very chilled but full of life at the same time. Somehow, it gives me that happy hippy Ibiza vibe. You can hear music almost everywhere.

Apart from being a sea site destination, Brighton is also a student town. As you can imagine, its full of shops and bars. There is always something going on here. From cultural festivals, gigs, art showcases to Circus or Lady Boys show. I can guarantee that no matter how long you planning on staying in Brighton, you not going to be bored.

There is also a wide choice of restaurants and cafes. Here, you will find your typical chain restaurants, but also lots of quirky independent ones, serving almost any type of food you might fancy.

The things I disliked

I guess, as every large town, Brighton comes with a few minutes. First one being super expensive parking, so if you planning on travelling here, I would recommend to come on the train or do the Park and Ride. Both, Bus station and Train Station are located in the heart of town with around 10-15 min walk to the beach.

The other negative is homelessness. Brighton has a very large problem with homeless people, especially around the town centre area. They like to seat and beg around the train station as this is where the highest number of footfall is. But on the other hand, none of them approached me asking for money, so I guess it’s not all bad.

If you visiting Brighton for longer…

If you visiting Brighton for longer than one day and looking for more places to visit here is a list of other attractions that I hope to see on my next trip.

Brighton Marina– slightly outside of town, so you will need to take a short bus ride, or if you decide to walk, make sure you wear comfortable shoes.

Volks Electric rail– located on the seafront, nearby Brighton Royal Pier. Being 134 year old, making it the oldest electric railway in the world

Choccywoccydoodah – a famous chocolate shop that serves delicious cakes and makes incredible things out of chocolate. They use to have their own TV show

Have lunch at Stanmer House a beautiful country house serving traditional British food

Visit The Victoria bar at The Grand Brighton for few cocktails and afternoon tea- that’s definitely a MUST for me ๐Ÿ˜‰

My step count that day
My step count that day

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