Places I would never like to visit again || My holiday nightmares

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If you have seen any of my other posts you will know by now that I Loooooove travelling. So far I have visited over 20 countries around the world, with my bucket list growing and growing every day. Going away is my time to relax and rewind. I love exploring new destinations and learning about other cultures. I started my blog to inspire people to travel more and to show how beautiful and fantastic our planet really is. I am always trying to give you my honest opinion and only write about the places I visited myself. I always brag about the good things but let’s be honest, travelling and holidays are not always “sunshine & rainbows” that’s why I decided to also tell you about my holiday nightmare. Luckily I haven’t many of them but here are 2 places I would never like to visit again. Find out why below.

Destinations I would never like to visit again || my holiday nightmares

Agadir in Morocco

This was my first ever holiday with Chris. Β Both Chris and I were so excited to spend a week in the sun just the two of us. We didn’t have much money by that point as we were saving for our first house, but we were desperate for a holiday and the hot weather. We booked our budget holiday to Agadir with Easy jet Holidays. On our way to the airport, we were excited like two kids that just find out they were going to Disneyland. at first, everything was going just fine. The hotel was ok. There were hardly any guests there so we had the entire pool to ourselves. No fighting for sun loungers first thing in the morning etc. You probably think, what the hell is my problem. This sounds like a dream. We found out that night why we were more or less the only people staying there. There was no aircon in the rooms!!! It was about 25-30 degree Celsius at night. There was also no fan or anything that could cool us down. We didn’t know what was worse, having the windows opened or closed. We ended up sleeping cuddling cold water bottles and covering ourselves with wet towels to cool down.

The other reason I would never like to visit there again was how unsafe we felt. Walking along the beach there were lots of people harassing us for money. Even when we sat in the restaurants they were coming over and begging. I had someone coming towards me with a dirty syringe. Luckily Chris realised that and pulled me quickly to the other side. We had been warned that some people even try to handcuff themselves to you and refuse to take the handcuffs off until you pay them.

One day we decided to go to the ZOO as this was one of the places that no one will harass us as you needed to pay to get in. But even the animals in the Zoo looked like they don’t want to be there. They all looked sad and not looked after :,(

The other issue we faced that made me not want to go back to Agadir was the people. Lots of places I visited, the locals were friendly and helpful but not in Agadir. We found them very unhelpful and trying to scam us for money, especially taxi drivers. We waited for hours to get our food in a restaurant despite the fact there was no-one there.

Tunis in Tunisia

Hmmm, where do I start with this one? Our bus transfer was interesting, to say the least. Arriving late night in Tunisia and going on a long bus ride wasn’t the one but it needs to be done. It wouldn’t be such an issue but the bus driver said to everyone it is ok to smoke inside the bus! Like WTF?!

When we eventually got to our hotel around midnight, we were so tired the only thing we wanted to do is go to sleep. When we woke up in the morning we realised that the pictures of the hotel on the internet were far from reality. The room was dirty and it really put me off. But I said to myself that this will not spoil my holiday, I will spend most of my holiday on the sun lounger anyway.

So the main reason I would never like to go back to Tunisia again was the fact that they were letting strangers into the hotels. I know they rely on tourists to book excursions etc but I really don’t like being bothered every day by 10 different people when I’m trying to soak up some sun and relax. Despite the fact we kept saying no and ignoring them they would not leave us alone. Because of that, we didn’t even want to go to explore the area around us.

Again, this was one of the places where we didn’t feel safe to go out and explore. Especially in the evening. I think this is the only holiday I didn’t take any pictures.

I know that some people might have a different opinion about those places but is all about our personal experience at the time.

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Love, Natalia

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