La Bomboniere & Spa in South of France || Hotel Review

Since my husband Chris bought his BMW convertible he always wanted to drive to Monaco to do the Grand Prix driving rout. As Monaco is super expensive to stay in the summer we decided to book ourselves into La Bomboniere & Spa located in the nearby village of Roquebrune-Cap-Martin. As always I used my favourite site to find and book the accommodation.


The B&B was located in a beautiful medieval village surrounded by breath-taking views of Monaco and nearby area. The hotel itself was located at the top of the heel and was pretty difficult to find. In my confirmation email, there wasn’t any useful instruction on how to get there. We stopped to ask a few locals for directions but even they were struggling to help us. Eventually, after an hour of searching, we managed to get there. The B&B was located in one of the small, narrow streets of the village. There is no direct access by car so or you have to leave your car in one of the free public car parks and walk up the hundreds of stairs with your suitcases or you can pre-book yourself private garage space with your room. It costs €10 per day and is a bit closer to the hotel but you will still need to be prepared to drag your suitcase on the cobbles for about 5-10 mins.

South of France medieval village

La Bombonier & Spa

The Accommodation

We booked La Bomboniere & Spa for 4 nights. It was a 3 star B&B style accommodation. We rent out 2 out of 3 available rooms as we were travelling with my parents in law. Our host Natalie showed us around the property and asked if we would like to book our continental breakfast for the next morning. Natalie was very friendly and helpful. She answered any questions we had. She recommended us lots of places we should visit, local restaurants and how we could explore the local area.

The COCO apartment

The first room was a family suite located on the first floor named after Coco Chanel. It was spread over 2 floors. Downstairs there was a large modern kitchen, seating area with a huge plasma TV and dining room seating 4 people.

La Bombonire & Spa kitchen

La Bomboniere & Spa dining room

Upstairs there was a huge family bathroom with a bath and separate shower, double bedroom, dressing area with a washing machine that you could use free of charge and a wide hallway with a pull out bed.

La Bomboniere & Spa bedroom

The apartment was very clean and well looked after. It had lots of information about the local area and activities. There was also a Nespresso machine to use free of charge, but there was only one cup in the entire apartment.

The Brel apartment

The second apartment was located on the second floor and again, it was all it over 2 floors. Downstairs, there was a modern bathroom. It had a large walking in a wet room and mirror with docking station for your phone so you can listen to music.

La Bomboniere & Spa bathroom

Outside of the bathroom, there was a double wardrobe and stairs to the bedroom and outside terrace with a hot tub. The room was ok. Pretty basic for the money we have paid.

La Bomboniere & Spa bedroom

There was a kettle to make yourself coffee or tea, a small fridge that supposes to be fully stocked with wine and juices, yet it only had water. I was disappointed that there wasn’t a coffee machine like there was in the other apartment.

The other thing that we discovered on the first evening was the fact that there was no key for the back door terrace which means we had to leave it unlocked. I really didn’t like the fact I had to leave my valuables unsecured in our room especially that there was no safe either. Natalie was ensuring me that no one will break in but somehow that didn’t put me at ease.

I guess the only good thing about this room was the terrace with an amazing view and the Jacuzzi bath.

La Bomboniere & Spa jacuzzi

La Bomboniere & Spa tarrace

La Bomboniere & Spa view

The good and the bad points about La Bomboniere & Spa


The family apartment was nice and spacious

Both rooms were super clean

Having a Nespresso coffee machine in one of the apartments

Beautiful location with many fantastic restaurants nearby

Jacuzzi bath on the terrace

The B&B had lots of character and cute small touches around such as old suitcases full of French novels, or Chanel Perfume bottles in COCO room

The not so good points

The Jacuzzi bath was taken forever to fill, probably about 2 hours and you had to fill it up each day as the water will go dirty very quickly.

I don’t think our host was entirely honest when it came to prices and charges. Outside of the hotel, there was a price list with the room rates and extras. When it came to an end of our stay she charged us €40 for our continental breakfast we had one morning. On the price list, it only said ” breakfast €10″. We assumed it was per room but as we find out later it was per person. In my opinion 4 croissants, 2 baguettes and yours are not worth €40.

La Bomboniere & Spa breakfast

La Bomboniere & Spa

The other thing she tried to charge us was using the Jacuzzi bath. Apparently, it cost €35 per fill. Even so, in the room information pack was clearly stated that this was included in the package. After I challenged here on this and refused to pay extra €70 ( we used it twice) she said yes it’s inc in the package but we didn’t have a package. When I asked her about what package she had in mind as she never mentioned this before, she said you had to buy one of her. In the entire brochure, price list or even booking site we used there was no mention of any package so I blandly refused to pay.

This situation really put me off this place as I don’t like sneaky people that just trying to get extra cash from you.


Overall the La Bomboniere & Spa was nice and clean but I don’t think it was worth the money we paid for it. The whole situation with a different price list and charged also put me off from staying there again. Not entirely sure why this hotel was awarded 9.4 out of 10 on as I don’t think it was special. I stayed in many more cooler places that had a lower score, but that’s my personal opinion.

If you have any more questions regarding La Bomboniere & Spa and my experience there, comment below and I will answer them all.

Shepard’s Hut in Darrowen, Wales || The perfect weekend getaway

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WOW! What an amazing Easter weekend we had in Shepard’s Hut in Wales! Am so excited to tell you all about it that I started writing this post in the car on my way home ( don’t panic! Am not the driver )

We decided to do something different this year for Easter break. We didn’t want to waste our 4 days off work by sitting at home in front of the telly, so we thought it would be fun to stay at some cool, and unusual place that will also accept our 4 legged baby- Rusko. And there I was again, on my favourite site I found a luxury Shepard’s huts in Darowen, and both my husband and I fall in love with it immediately. The fact that they had 10 out of 10 reviews only convinced us that this was the right choice for us!

Glamping in Shepard Huts in Wales
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We are here!

After nearly 5 hours of driving we finally got there, and OMG! The Hut was incredible. The minute we stepped inside we knew we going to have a great weekend. There were 3 huts all together. All situated fairly close to each other, but with enough distance to give you privacy. Everything was done to such a high standard. It looked like we were the first people ever staying in there. Standing on the decking and look at the surrounding valley was breath taking.

Our view of the valley from our Sheppard Hut in Wales
View from our Hut

Our little neighbours

Inside the Shepard’s hut

Inside there was a living area with a fully equipped kitchen, breakfast bar, wood burner, and a large sofa bed. On the left side of the hut, there was an en suite bathroom with proper shower, and Eco toilet ( if you are like me and wondering what Eco toilet is, it’s a toilet that doesn’t use any water which helps the environment). On the right side of the hut, It was our bedroom. It had a super comfy double bed, and cupboard space, so you can put away your belongings. Each section of the hut had a window with an amazing view of green hills and sheep. Outside there is a gas BBQ and picnic bench. The only thing it was missing for me was two sun loungers, so you can just sit back and relax with a glass of Vino.

The whole hut was powered by a solar-powered battery to be Eco-friendly. There is USB charging point doted around the hut, but you need to remember that longer you charge your phone, the shorter hot shower you will have. Especially if is cloudy outside. There is no phone signal, WI-FI or TV which at first is a bit weird, but after a couple of days, you realize how much you don’t miss those things. We spent our evenings playing board games and talking to each other haha

Kitchen area
Living room

The Farm

The huts are located on a working farm owned by Sioned and her family, who are one of the sweetest people ever. Despite the fact Sioned wasn’t there to great us on our arrival, she did let us know where we can find her if we need anything. Plus, we could always see her driving her quad bike around the farm. We often bumped into her on our walks, and she always stopped for a quick chat, and to ensure we have everything we need.

One evening we had to pop into their house to ask if we can charge our speaker, so we can have some music in the evening. We were a bit apprehensive, and I guess a bit shy as we didn’t want to bother them at their house. There were more than happy to do this little favour for us without any issue. Sinoed’s dad took us on a tour around the farm showing us what they do on a daily basis. He was telling us all about the lambs and cows they have. During the time we were there we saw little lamb was born which was incredible. I was so excited to see it happening. For them, it was just a standard procedure as they can have 25 of them being born in one hour! The whole experience, and talking to the family about their lives really made our whole adventure even more special. We realized how different our life is in the city, and how much we take things for granted sometimes. It was also very refreshing to see kids spending time outside helping, instead of seating in from of the telly.




The local area

There is plenty of countries walks trails you can explore during the day. The closes town you can get to if you need anything from the shop, or just want to pop up to a pub is Machynalleth. The town itself is not very big, but you will get there everything you might need.

Sunday walk in the valley

If you fancy a proper yummy, home made roast dinner I will definitely recommend driving 9 miles to Pennal. Right alongside the main road, there is a Riverside Restaurant which is superb both for service and for food. Another advantage, they are dog-friendly.

There are lots of beautiful cost line villages within a short drive from Darowen. One of the most popular sea site destinations is the historic market town Aberystwyth. You will find plenty to do up there from visiting Aberystwyth Castle, exploring Devil’s Bridge, or going on a steam train around the Vale of Rheidol. On a sunny day, you can just chill on a beautiful sandy beach.

If you don’t mind spending a bit longer in the car you can drive around 100 km to Snowdon, the highest mountain in Wales. You can get to the top via mountain rail, or on foot. We decided to climb as we couldn’t go on the rail with the dog. Unfortunately, we only managed to get halfway before we give up, and decided to walk back. The surrounding area is just stunning and was definitely worth the effort.

On our way to the top of Snowdon



The list of places and activities you could do in Wales is endless. I truly believe this is the sort of place where anyone will find something they will enjoy even if is just lounging around and enjoying the peace and quiet.

someone didn’t want to go home

If you fancy to check out the huts here is the link to their website

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Love, Natalia