I love a good bargain, or a freebie and am sure many of you do as well. Below you can find my favorite discounts, referral codes and freebies.
Thank me late! 🙂

The little print: each site has their own T’s & C’s you will need to follow to obtain the discount 🙂


Image result for shopmiumI looooove this app- every week they post lots of products you can try for free, or at very discounted rate. All you need to do is buy the product, take pic of your receipt and product and they will send money straight to your bank account within few days

                                                              use my code for Free jar of Nutella   w6a4d

Top Cashback

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This one is a definitely must have! As the name suggests you will get certain % back if you do shopping through their website. No matter if you’re ordering take away, renewing your car insurance, or just simply soiling yourself with a bit of retail therapy…It is honestly free cash! In just under a year I managed to get nearly £180!!!


Simply Cook

Image result for simply cook logoIf you’re bored of eating the same dishes over and over again. Need some inspiration, or just simply want or try something new, this one is for you. Simply Cook lets you choose 4 different recipes per box. In each pack you will get all the spices you need to cook tasty meal, and recipe card showing you how to. All you need to do is buy the ingredients and voila! 

Try your first box for only a £1.00 instead of the normal £9.99 use code NB1747

Little tip! if you fall in love with them same as i did, go to your memberships account and choose to cancel it! It will ask you for reason to why you want to leave, chose “not grate value for money” and they will automatically offer you new price of £7.99 !!! 😉 You Welcome!