4×4 offroading in the desert and Arabic night || visiting Dubai

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I love Dubai. I love the sun, hot temperature and over the top everything! That’s why we decided that after are hectic few days in Japan ( you can read all about in in here) it would be nice to stop over in Dubai for a few lazy days in the sun. Recharge our batteries before we head back home to UK. To help us celebrate our honeymoon in style, Chris’ work colleagues bought us an experience day-  4×4 offroading in the desert followed by traditional Arabic night. Nether of us ever done anything like this before, so we were super excited. Plus, I have a soft spot for 4×4 cars 😉

Arranging the excursion

The 4×4 offroading in the desert is run by Alpha Tours Dubai. Everything was arranged via email. We got picked up in 4×4 Toyota from outside of our hotel. The car was very clean and comftible. The driver was very friendly. During the drive he was telling us a lot of interesting facts about Dubai. The entire drive from the meeting point to the desert was just over an hour which wasn’t too bad.

Arriving at the desert

When we finally arrived at the desert there was more cars from the same waiting for us. We were asked to leave the car, so they can do additional checks and let out some air from the tires. Our driver explained to us that when you go 4×4 offroading in the desert, the tires need to be much softer to what they need to be on a concrete road. As they were getting our car ready, we use this time to take some stuning pictures of the desert and enjoy the beautiful views. Despite being, late afternoon, the temperature was still around 40 degree Celsius. That’s in the mid September.

Ready, steady….go!

After all the safety checks and quick health & safety brief from our driver, we were ready to go. OMG I swear, I had the best time ever! The driver was absolutely brilian. He definetly knew how make 4×4 offroading in the desert fun and full of thrills. I could not stop smiling. We were all driving in a convoy, with our 4×4 being first. He was going thrugh massive piles of sand, driving in the angle that the car was almost tipped to the side. For one point we even got stuck in the sand and had to be rescued by another driver. In my head I was keep shouting “more, more, more! Do it again” – SO MUCH FUN!

Watching the sun set

Watching the sunset is beautiful and romantic no matter where you are. But imagine watching sunset, when you do 4×4 offroading in the desert- priceless. The driver stopped for few minutes to give us chance to take some more photos. We then head over to camp site for an Arabic night in the desert.

The Arabic night in the desert

This was fun. Nothing what I expected. On arrival, we were greated by camels and got opportunity to stroke them. I wasn’t brave enough to touch them as they looked rather pissed off haha

Inside, the camp looked like little village. There was quiet few tourists there from other 4×4 driving companies. There was lots of tents where you could dress up in authentic Arabic outfit, get henna tatoo or try some crafting with emirate women’s. As a part of our excursion we could help ourselfs to food and soft drinks before the show started. We got ourselfs comftible on the bean bags to watch the dance performance. At the end ofthe show, dancers decided to get the public involved in one of the dances. Trust to be me that got picked. I don’t really like to be the centre of attention, but i give it a go. Im just glad i wasnt picked to do the belly dance. I all I had to do is spin round in a huge, colorfull skirt.

The way back

By the time the 4×4 offroading in the desert excursions finished, it was quiet late. I was hoping that on the way back we going to get back the same route as when we got there, but no 🙁 we came back using normal roads. On the way back everyone were much quieter. I guess it was the tiredness after evenung full of fun and excitment

The 4×4 offroading in the desert overall experiance

The 4×4 offroading in the desert was one of the most fun excision I have ever done. To be honest, I wasn’t that fussed about the Arabic evening at first but it was great experience. I would highly recommend this to anyone that is planning on visiting Dubai.

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Exploring Monaco on a budget || visiting Cote d’azur

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Monaco is one of the most beautiful places I have been to. No matter which part of the city you visit, you will be surrounded by stunning scenery, amazing architecture and super friendly people. Monaco is also very safe and clean which makes discovering the city even more enjoyable.

View of Monaco

View of Monaco



The Principality of Monaco is classified as one of the most luxurious holiday destinations where the rich & famous spend their summer. After visiting Monaco myself in June I have a few tips on how to have a great time without going bankrupt.

Below you will find a list of all the things I did in Monaco for free or a very small fee.

The ultimate guide on how to visit Monaco on a budget
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Monaco’s Japanese Gardens

Japanese gardens are located in the heart of Monaco. They are free to enter and they are absolutely stunning. The actual gardens are not very big and you could probably walk around in about half an hour, but you could easily spend an entire day there. Relaxing on the bench, watching the world go by.

Japanes Gardens in Monaco

Japanes Gardens in Monaco

Japanes gardens in Monaco

Japanes Gardens in Monaco

Japanes Gardens in Monaco

Monaco Marina

We had great time just walking around, looking at the crazy expensive boats and googling who they belong to. If you’re lucky enough, you might even spot some celebrities, but they are like vampires- only coming out at night 😉

For a €2 per person you can take short boat trip from one end of Marina to the other.

Monaco Marina full of boats and yachts

Lunch with a view

Yes, you can queue forever to get to a swanky restaurant with a beautiful view just so they can sit you in a dark corner right by the toilets and charge you a fortune for the pleasure or… You can go to the local supermarket, buy your lunch and eat it on a bench in the marina. Super markets in Monaco have delicious freshly made sandwiches, cakes and freshly squeeze orange juice for a fraction of the price. You can also buy small glasses of wine- you’re on holiday after all 😉

Delicious cakes in Monack

Delicious cakes in Monaco

Delicious cakes in Monaco

Monaco Old Town

There is so much to see in the old town. From beautiful panoramic views of the City, to changing of the guards in front of the Palace. You can spend hours walking around small, narrow streets looking around local shops and cafes.

Monaco old town

Monaco Royal Palace in Old town

Monaco old town

Monaco Old town

St Nicholas Cathedral

A short walk from the palace there is the beautiful St Nicholas Cathedral. Unfortunately for us there was a First Communion happening that day, so we could not go inside, but even from outside it was spectacular!

St Nicholas Cathedral in Monaco

St Nicholas Cathedral in Monaco

The Oceanographic Museum

Another spectacular building inside the walls of Monaco is The Oceanographic Museum of Monaco. Yes, you do have to pay to go inside but even walking around it is amazing. The building is surrounded by stunning gardens and amazing view of the coastline.

Octopus outside of Oceanographic Museum in Monaco

Oceanographic Museum in Monaco

Gardens in Monaco old town

The Train

There is a Monaco tour train. It leaves from outside of Oceanographin Museum and it costs only €10 per adult. In my opinion it’s worth doing. The Train goas round the old town, crossing the Grand Prix start line. You will be able to see all tbe major landmarks like Monte Carlo Casino and Hotel de Paris. It also goes past the exclusive, members only Yacht Club. Each seat is suppiled with headphones, so you can listen to a guide and learn some interesting facts.

Monaco Turist train

Church in Monaco

Grand Prix start line in Monaco

Hotel De Paris in Monaco

Monte Carlo Casino

You need to have quite a substantial amount of money to go inside and of course follow the dress code. But it is absolutely free to stand outside and watch all the super cars drive past. Monte Carlo Casino is where James Bond was filmed so you definitely can’t miss it.

You’ll notice that Monaco is full of red Ferraris driving around. That because for €180 You can rent one to live the high life for half an hour

Monte Carlo Cassino in Monaco

Monte Carlo Cassiono in Monaco

Monte Carlo Cassino in Monaco

Exotic Gardens of Monaco

At the top of town there is a beautiful cactus garden- Le Jardine Exotique. The entrance wasn’t very expensive- I think it was around €12 but you will definitely spend a couple of hours there. Included in the price of the ticket, is a tour around the caves. Plus the views of Monaco from the gardens are just stunning. Definitely a must!

Exotic Cactus garden in Monaco

Exotic cactus gardens in Monaco

Exotic gardens in Monaco

Exotic gardens in Monaco

view of Monaco

Cavew in Monaco

View of Monaco

Public Transport

If you don’t fancy walking around in the heat you can easly discover the City using the public transport. Buses cost only couple of euros per journey. Public transport is very punctual and clean.

Shop till you drop

Monaco is full of designer shops such as Gucci, Chanel and Hermes. Yes, you need to be super rich to buy anything, but if you are like me, it’s fun just to walk around and look at the beautiful creative windows. You can also have fun trying on things and just pretend you have all the intention to buy something. If you’re a good at pretending and don’t look completly like a tourist, most shops will over you a complimentary glass of bubbly. #livingthehighlife

Shopping in Monaco

Gucci Shop in Monaco

Get stamped

If you visit tourist office, you can get your passport stamped absolutely free. Nice little souvenir to remaind you of your holiday

Stampped passport

Walk the Walk

Spend time walking the streets and discovering the city. Each corner hides beautiful building’s, independent cafes and shops full of unique product. When you walking around all you can hear is super cars raving their engine’s.

Caffe in Monaco

The Square in Monaco


Hotels in Monaco can get booked up very fast, especially during summer. Plus, the prices are rocket high. Staying in the local villages can save you little fortune. On top of that, it will give you the opportunity to discover local area and get dinner in nice restaurant for much less that you would of paid in Monaco. We stayed in beautiful village of Roquerbrune-Cap-Martin only 5 mins train ride from Monaco that we booked through Booking.com. You can read more about our accommodation here.

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24 hours in Brighton & Hove || what to do when visiting Brighton

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I haven’t been to Brighton in years. When my husband told me he needs to go there for a business trip I was more than happy to pack my overnight bag and go with him. I’m really fortunate that my work can be done from any place in the world. Plus I have a cool boss that lets me working outside of the office quiet often. I guess this what you call the right work-life balance.

Brighton is only an hour and a half from where we leave yet, I never have time to actually go there. I was quiet excited to spend few days there and discover the city again, check out new cool places to eat and see what has change since my last visit.

I spend my morning working from a Café – I was surprised how many people actually work from coffee shops… anyways, after finishing my tasks I went to explore the area.

How to spend 24 hours in Brighton & Hove
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First stop Brighton West Pier

The first place I went was the beach by the West Pier. As it was still fairly early in the day, the area was pretty quiet. The weather was beautiful, around 23 degree Celsius and full sunshine. I sat on the stone beach and just watched world go by. Shops and restaurants just began to open. I sat there for about half hour before I made my way down towards Brighton Palace Pier.

„West Pier was built in 1860s. It was design by Eugenius Birch to attract more tourist and visitors to Brighton area. All the way to 1916 the West Pier had lots of contractual changes. The Pier closed down in 1975 and fall into disrepair. In 2002 major section of the pier collapsed, and two arson incidents left the English Heritage beyond repair. In 2010 majority of the structure was removed to make space for i360 observation tower

On my way I passed British Airways i360 observation tower- glass viewing pod that takes you up 450ft for an amazing 360 degree panoramic view of Brighton and the local area. I really regret not going on it to be honest, but I said to myself that next time my husband goes to Brighton for work I will go with him again just so I can go on it.

Brighton Palace Pier

Walking along the beach toward Palace Pier I went passed lots of in depended shops, restaurants and bars getting ready for the afternoon trade. If you fancy a little bit of history, you can pop in to Fishing Museum that if free to enter and is located right at the sea fronts. It really felt like am on holiday abroad.

After about 15 minuets of slow walk I made it to Brighton Palace Pier.

The pier was full of people, mainly kids on their school trips. I had wander around before I grabbed one of the free decking chairs to do a bit of sunbathing and listen to the local buskers. If sunbathing and chilling isn’t your thing, you can spend your day at the amusement park located at the end of the pier, spend few ££ at the arcades or have lunch at the Victoria Restaurant.

For all the brave people, outside of the pier there is a Brighton Zip– the longest zip in South coast measuring 300m with additional drop zone offering a 24m free-fall experience. Somehow I passed on this attraction lol

If you have a bit more time than I had, you can also visit Sea life- I did that on my first ever trip to Brighton many, many, many years ago. It was pretty amazing, but you will need to be prepare to spend good few hours there to see everything properly.

Royal Pavilion

Around 2pm I started making my way back towards the town centre so I can check in into our hotel and do some more work. I decided to take a little detour and visit the Royal Pavilion which you can’t miss when visiting Brighton. The Royal Pavilion are surrounded by beautiful gardens. As it was such a beautiful day, lots of people chose to have their lunch there, seating on the grass and chilling.

Just outside of the garden gates there is a Brighton Dome and Brighton Museum & Art gallery, which due to lack of time ( I was there only for one day) I could not visit, but I added them to my list of „places to visit on my next return“

If you planning on going inside the Royal Pavilion, I will recommend to do so first thing in the morning as later it can get super busy with all the school kids and other tourist.

„ The Royal Pavilion was built in 3 stages in 1787. It was a seaside residency for George, Prince of Wales. The Pavilion was then extended in 1815“

Brighton Town Centre

Brighton Town centre is very lively and colourful. Everyone is very chilled, but full of life at the same time. Somehow, it gives me that happy hippy Ibiza vibe. You can hear music almost everywhere.

A part from being sea site destination, Brighton is also a student town. As you can imagine, its full of shops and bars. There is always something going on here. From cultural festivals, gigs, art showcases to Circus or Lady Boys show. I can guarantee that no matter how long you planning on staying in Brighton, you not going to be bored.

There is also a wide choice of restaurants and cafes. Here, you will find your typical chain restaurants, but also lots of quirky independent ones, serving almost any type of food you might fancy.

The things I disliked

I guess, as every large town, Brighton comes with few minuses. First one being super expensive parking, so if you planning on traveling here, I would recommend to come on the train or do the Park and Ride. Both, Bus station and Train Station are located I the heart of town with around 10-15 min walk to the beach.

The other negative is homelessness. Brighton have very large problem with homeless people, especially around town centre area. They like to seat and beg around train station as this is where the highest number of footfall is. But on the other hand, none of them approached me asking for money, so I guess it’s not all bad.

If you visiting Brighton for longer…

If you visiting Brighton for longer than one day and looking for more places to visit here is a list of other attractions that I hope to see on my next trip.

Brighton Marina– slightly outside of town, so you will need to take a short bus ride, or if you decide to walk, make sure you wear comfortable shoes.

Volks Electric rail– located on the seafront, nearby Brighton Royal Pier. Being 134 year old, making it the oldest electric railway in the world

Choccywoccydoodah – famous chocolate  shop that serves delicious cakes and makes incredible things out of chocolate. They use to have their own TV show

Have lunch at Stanmer House- beautiful country house serving traditional British food

Visit The Victoria bar at The Grand Brighton for few cocktails and afternoon tea- that’s definitely a MUST for me 😉

My step count that day
My step count that day

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Best of Tokyo in 4 days || everything you need to know before you visit

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My husband and I go on lots of holidays, but they are normally all inclusive, resort based escapes with few excursions here and there.For our honeymoon we wanted do something special. We didn’t want it to be just another holiday. We wanted to be an adventure. Something we going to remember for the rest of our lives. And there I was. Booking our flights and hotel for our honeymoon in TOKYO!!!

After watching Fast & Furious Tokyo Drift I have always wanted to go to Tokyo. Finally, my dream became true! I don’t think I have ever been so excited about going away.

The ultimate travel guide to Tokyo, Japan
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First Impressions

I’ve never been to place so weird, but so amazing at the same time. When we go away I don’t really like to go to the same place twice as I want to see as much of the world as possible, but Tokyo is one of the destinations I could visit over, and over again! The first thing I have noticed about Tokyo was the fact they had vending machines everywhere, and with everything! I don’t mean your standard machine with canned drinks, or bar of chocolate. They have vending machines with hot food, alcohol, cigarettes, and everything else you might want.

Vending machine with hot food in Tokyo, Japan
Vending machine with hot food in Tokyo, Japan

The other thing that struck me was how safe we felt there, and how nice and helpful everyone was. From the staff in the shops to our travel guides. Even when we waited for the train everyone have been standing in the designated queue line and got on the train one by one- here, in London people won’t lets you even get of the train first before they start pushing their way in.

We used trains as our main form o transportation around Tokyo

We pre-booked all of our tours before our holiday through viator.com and I have to say, they have been truly amazing. As we were in Tokyo for only 4 days we wanted to squeeze in as much as possible, and they definitely delivered on that. The other reason we always book our excursions with them is the fact that they send you an email the day before, remaining you not only of the time, and meeting place, but also attache picture of your tour guide which I think is very useful. Especially if you’re in a foreign country.


After missing our connection flight in Dubai we have finally arrived at the Haneda airport at around midnight of the local time. We decided to get the cab to our hotel as we were to tired to be fussing around on the train. We wanted to get to our hotel as quickly as possible and go to bed as we had an early start in the morning. Our taxi driver was lovely, but he didn’t speak any English which was… interesting. We had no idea if we were going to the right place until we actually arrived there.

Our Hotel

We were staying in the Granbell hotel in Shinjuku. Our hotel was nice and modern. Located just of the main road. It had a rooftop bar and restaurant which was pretty amazing. The room was very clean but tiny. Probably the smallest room I’ve ever stayed in. We had double bed pushed against the wall, and a desk with a chair. There was no wardrobe or drawers to put your clothes away. In fact the room was so small we struggled to open our suitcases. Then we didn’t care about the room that much as we didn’t plan on spending much time in it anywhey. There was lots of complementary products such as toiletry’s, sleepers, and even PJ’s. The most strange thing about this room was the bathroom. It had a toilet operated by a control panel. It also had a window, and this might not be a weird thing to have a window in the bathroom, it was in this hotel as the window was looking out into the room !!!

Tokyo Day 1

After few hours of sleep, we left at 6am for our first day of exploring. We were like zombies, but very excited as nether me or my husband have ever been to Japan before. We set off to get our train ( thank goodness for Google Maps as we would probably still be there looking for the train station) to our meeting point for our first excursion. The first thing we saw was the Tokyo Tower which is the second talles structure in Japan. It looks a bit like mini Eiffel Tower painted red and white.

Tokyo Tower in Japan
Tokyo Tower

Our first stop for the day was at Meiji Jingu Shrine (other known as Yoyogi Shrine) and Imperial Palace East Gardens. Both of which were amazing. During our walk through the Meji Jingu Shrine we were lucky enough to witness real life Japanese wedding ceremony. I have never in a million years expected for this to happen. It was truly an amazing experience.

Japanese wedding in Tokyo, Japan
Japanese wedding in Tokyo, Japan

Imperial Palace Gardens were absolutely stunning and very peaceful, but what I find a bit weird is that all of this is surrounded by super-tall, modern buildings, and busy streets, yet somehow you forget about the fact you’re in the middle of the busy city.

Admission tickets to Imperial Palace gardens

Imperial Palace Gardens in Tokyo, Japan

Imperial Palace Garden in Tokyo, Japan

From there, we made our way to Sensō-ji Temple which is for sure “must see” when you in Tokyo! The temple is free to enter hence it can get very busy, especially during lunchtime hours. This traditional Japaneses Temple is surrounded by little shops selling Japaneses products and souvenirs. There is also a high possibility you will bump into Japaneses girls dress up in traditional kimonos

Sensō-ji Temple in Tokyo, Japan

Sensō-ji Temple in Tokyo, Japan

Geisha, Japanese Girls in kimono in Tokyo, Japan

We finished off the day on the deck of the luxury boat- Symphony where we chilled out with few cocktails, and enjoy relaxing cruise around Tokyo Bay, passing landmarks such as Rainbow Bridge, Tokyo Tower, Tokyo Sky Tower, Gate Bridge, Wakasu and Odaiba Seaside before we parked up at the Hlinode Terminal

Tokyo Day 2

Day two was even busier than day one. At list we managed to get a proper night sleep before hand. As on the previous day we left our hotel around 6am and head of to bus station via train to meet our guide- who btw was lovely and very knowledgeable. The main reason I liked our guide?- she wasn’t boring. She provided us with lots of interesting facts during our tour in funny, and engaging way, and even though us a Japanese song.

After few hours on the bus we finally arrived at our destination, which was Man Fuji. I have to admit, I was a bit disappointed when we came of the bus. Firstly, because it was freezing cold- like winter jacket freezing cold. Secondly, it was so foggy you could not see 5 meters ahead.

Man Fuji 5th Station in Japan map

Man Fuji 5th Station in Japan
This is how fogy it was

We spent most of our time in the shops pretending to buy stuff but in fact we only wanted to warm up. We then head of to get a mountain rail to the Man Fuji 5th Station. The view from the rail pod was incredible but again, when we arrived at the top it was so foggy we couldn’t see a thing.

Lake Ashi in Japan

We hopped back on the bus and went to experience our traditional Japanese lunch which was part of our tour. Our tour guide took us to a shop with hand made, leather goods where on top floor we were greeted by the owner and sitted at our table with a view of the Lake Ashi. For lunch we had Miso soup-which was very much like chicken noodle soup. We also had noodles, rice, and a bit of a grilled chicken. All of which was very, very yummy.

Traditional Japanese meal in Japan

Lake Ashi in Japan

After our little rest we head of for our cruse around Lake Ashi, which lasted about an hour. Then hop on the bus we go for our last stop of the day at the Shinkansen Train Station where we left on a Bullet Train heading back to Tokyo. I think the Bullet train was the most fun experience of the day, mainly because I was finally in the warmth lol

Bullet train train station in Tokyo Japan

Bullet train train station in Tokyo Japan

Tokyo Day 3

On the day 3 we decided to take it easy and do more freestyle touring. We didn’t book any excursions as we want to have a bit of lay in ( we left at 8am instead of 6am!!) we head of to Harajuku on the mission to find one of the themed cafes. There is hundreds of them there. From unicorn themed, cat themed or french maid themed.

Bunny rabbit cafe in Tokyo Japan, Theme cafe

We went to Bunny Rabbit cafe and it was not what I expected at all. The cafe was located on the first floor of the building. It looked more like a studio flat type of place. You pay at the entry the pending on how long you would like to stay. You have unlimited soft drinks included in the price, but to be honest I wasn’t interested in having a drink as the only reason I wanted to go there is so I can play with lots of bunny’s 🙂 We were provided with an apron to protect our clothes. Just in case one of them decided to pee on us. We were also given a box of treats each ( for the bunnies, not for us) the whole experience was great. Animals were very playful, and we got lots of cuddles. They were well looked after which for me was very important.

Next, we walk around the streets of Harajuku. We went into a few entertainment center’s which are out of this world. In each building there was probably about 10 floors full of different types of games and entertainment machines. You could easily tell who goes there every day lol

We decided to head of to Ginza for lunch, bit of shopping and few drinks on the way. We had a flavoured frozen beer that looked like a beer slush puppy. On the top it had frozen froth which looked like an ice cream. Strange and cool at the same time. We then went Shibuya Train Station (walking through the busiest crossing in the world of course) and head back to our hotel.

In the evening we went out to see a Robot Show– and there is only one word to describe it all – CRAZY!!!! I wouldn’t even know where to start on this one. It was the most bizarre 2 hours of my life, but I will definitely recommend to go and see it as I can guarantee, you have never seen anything like this before.

Tokyo Day 4

Our last day in Japan started again very early. We had to leave at 5.30 am to get to our meeting point for 6am. We then met our tour guide and one more person that was booked to go with us. Our tour guide drove us in his own car ( that was a bit strange) outside of Tokyo to Stables where we took part in a morning training session for…. SUMO WRESTLING!!! This was proper fun to watch. After the training has finished, the sumo wrestlers explained to us what it takes to be a sumo fighter. Told us more about their culture, diet and training. I can tell you that I would not want to mess around with any of them lol

Sumo wrestling fight in Tokyo, Japan

As we still had few ours to kill before our evening flight, we went to Shinjuku Gyoe National Gardens and near by Government Building. You can visit the Government Building and take lift to the top floor. There is viewing trace, and restaurant. Restaurant was a bit pricey, but I it was worth it as the food was incredible. Plus, you’re surrounded by panoramic view of Tokyo. What a better way to finish of the trip ey?!

Heading to Tokyo? Have any questins? Comment below and I’ll try to help you as best as I can 🙂

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Shepard’s Hut in Darrowen, Wales || Everything you need to know

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WOW! What an amazing Easter weekend we had in Shepard’s Hut in Wales! Am so excited to tell you all about it that I started writing this post in the car on my way home ( don’t panic! Am not the driver )

We decided to do something different this year for Easter break. We didn’t want to waste our 4 days off work by sitting at home in front of the telly, so we thought it would be fun to stay at some cool, and unusual place that will also accept our 4 legged baby- Rusko. And there I was again, on my favorite site booking.com . I found a luxury Shepard’s huts in Darowen, and both my husband, and I fall in love with it immediately. The fact that they had 10 out of 10 reviews only convinced us that this was the right choice for us!

Glamping in Shepard Huts in Wales
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We are here!

After nearly 5 hours of driving we finally got there, and OMG! The Hut was incredible. The minute we stepped inside we knew we going to have a great weekend. There were 3 huts all together. All situated fairly close to each other, but with enough distance to give you privacy. Everything was done to such a high standard. It looked like we were the first people ever staying in there. Standing on the decking and look at the surrounding valley was breath taking.

Our view of the valley from our Sheppard Hut in Wales
View from our Hut

Our little neighbors

Inside the Shepard’s hut

Inside there was a living area with fully equipped kitchen, breakfast bar, wood burner, and large sofa bed. On the left side of the hut there was an en suite bathroom with proper shower, and Eco toilet ( if you are like me and wondering what Eco toilet is, it’s a toilet that doesn’t use any water which helps the environment). On the right side of the hut It was our bedroom. It had super comfy double bed, and cupboard space, so you can put away your belongings. Each section of the hut had a window with an amazing view of green hills and sheep’s. Outside there is a gas BBQ and picnic bench. The only thing it was missing for me was two sun loungers, so you can just sit back and relax with a glass of Vino.

The whole hut was powered by solar powered battery to be Eco friendly. There are USB charging point doted around the hut, but you need to remember that longer you charge your phone, the shorter hot shower you will have. Especially if is cloudy outside. There is no phone signal, WI-FI or TV which at first is a bit weird, but after couple of days you realize how much you don’t miss those things. We spent our evenings playing board games, and talking to each other haha

Kitchen area
Living room

The Farm

The huts are located on a working farm owned by Sioned and her family, who are one of the sweetest people ever. Despite the fact Sioned wasn’t there to great us on our arrival, she did let us know where we can find her if we need anything. Plus, we could always see her driving her quad bike around the farm. We often bumped into her on our walks, and she always stopped for a quick chat, and to ensure we have everything we need.

One evening we had to pop in to their house to ask if we can charge our speaker, so we can have some music in the evening. We were a bit apprehensive, and I guess a bit shy as we didn’t want to bother them at their house. There were more than happy to do this little favor for us without any issue. Sinoed’s dad took us on a tour around the farm showing us what they do on a daily basis. He was telling us all about the lambs and cows they have. During the time we were there we saw little lamb was born which was incredible. I was so excited to see it happening. For them it was just a standard procedure as they can have 25 of them being born in one hour! The whole experience, and talking to the family about their lives really made our whole adventure even more special. We realized how different our life is in the city, and how much we take things for granted sometimes. It was also very refreshing to see kids spending time outside helping, instead of seating in from of the telly.




The local area

There is plenty of country walks trails you can explore during the day. The closes town you can get to if you need anything from the shop, or just want to pop up to a pub is Machynalleth. The town itself is not very big, but you will get there everything you might need.

Sunday walk in the valley

If you fancy a proper yummy, home made roast dinner I will definitely recommend driving 9 miles to Pennal. Right alongside the main road there is a Riverside Restaurant which is superb both for service, and for food. Another advantage, they are dog friendly.

There is lots of beautiful cost line villages within short drive from Darowen. One of the most popular sea site destination is historic market town Aberystwyth. You will find plenty to do up there from visiting Aberystwyth Castle, exploring Devil’s Bridge, or going on a steam train around the Vale of Rheidol. On a sunny day you can just chill on a beautiful sandy beach.

If you don’t mind spending a bit longer in the car you can drive around 100 km to Snowdon, the highest mountain in Wales. You can get to the top via mountain rail, or on foot. We decided to climb as we couldn’t go on the rail with the dog. Unfortunately we only managed to get half way before we give up, and decided to walk back. The surrounding area is just stunning, and was definitely worth the effort.

On our way to the top of Snowdon



The list of places and activities you could do in Wales is endless. I truthfully believe this is the sort of place where anyone will find something they will enjoy even, if is just lounging around and enjoying the peace and quiet.

someone didn’t want to go home

If you fancy to check out the huts here is the link to their website http://www.midwalesluxuryhuts.co.uk/

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