4×4 offroading in the desert and Arabic night || visiting Dubai

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I love Dubai. I love the sun, hot temperature and over the top everything! That’s why we decided that after our hectic few days in Japan ( you can read all about it here) it would be nice to stop over in Dubai for a few lazy days in the sun. Recharge our batteries before we head back home to the UK. To help us celebrate our honeymoon in style, Chris’ work colleagues bought us an experience day- Β 4×4 offroading in the desert followed by traditional Arabic night. Neither of us ever done anything like this before, so we were super excited. Plus, I have a soft spot for 4×4 cars πŸ˜‰

Arranging the excursion

The 4×4 offroading in the desert is run by Alpha Tours Dubai. Everything was arranged via email. We got picked up in 4×4 Toyota from outside of our hotel. The car was very clean and comfortable. The driver was very friendly. During the drive, he was telling us a lot of interesting facts about Dubai. The entire drive from the meeting point to the desert was just over an hour which wasn’t too bad.

Arriving at the desert

When we finally arrived in the desert there were more cars from the same waiting for us. We were asked to leave the car, so they can do additional checks and let out some air from the tires. Our driver explained to us that when you go 4×4 offroading in the desert, the tires need to be much softer to what they need to be on a concrete road. As they were getting our car ready, we use this time to take some stunning pictures of the desert and enjoy the beautiful views. Despite being, late afternoon, the temperature was still aroundΒ 40 degree Celsius. That’s in mid September.

Ready, steady….go!

After all the safety checks and quick health & safety brief from our driver, we were ready to go. OMG, I swear, I had the best time ever! The driver was absolutely brilliant. He definitely knew how to make 4×4 offroading in the desert fun and full of thrills. I could not stop smiling. We were all driving in a convoy, with our 4×4 being first. He was going through massive piles of sand, driving in the angle that the car was almost tipped to the side. For one point we even got stuck in the sand and had to be rescued by another driver. In my head, I kept shouting “more, more, more! Do it again” – SO MUCH FUN!

Watching the sunset

Watching the sunset is beautiful and romantic no matter where you are. But imagine watching the sunset, when you do 4×4 offroading in the desert- priceless. The driver stopped for a few minutes to give us chance to take some more photos. We then head over to the campsite for an Arabic night in the desert.

The Arabic night in the desert

This was fun. Nothing that I expected. On arrival, we were greeted by camels and got the opportunity to stroke them. I wasn’t brave enough to touch them as they looked rather pissed off haha

Inside, the camp looked like a little village. There were quite a few tourists there from other 4×4 driving companies. There were lots of tents where you could dress up in an authentic Arabic outfit, get henna tattoos or try some crafting with emirate women’s. As a part of our excursion, we could help ourselves to food and soft drinks before the show started. We got ourselves comfortable on the bean bags to watch the dance performance. At the end of the show, dancers decided to get the public involved in one of the dances. Trust to be me that got picked. I don’t really like to be the centre of attention, but I give it a go. I’m just glad I wasn’t picked to do the belly dance. I all I had to do is spin round in a huge, colourful skirt.

The way back

By the time the 4×4 offroading in the desert excursions finished, it was quite late. I was hoping that on the way back we going to get back the same route as when we got there, but no πŸ™ we came back using normal roads. On the way back everyone was much quieter. I guess it was the tiredness after an evening full of fun and exciting

The 4×4 offroading in the desert overall experience

The 4×4 offroading in the desert was one of the most fun excision I have ever done. To be honest, I wasn’t that fussed about the Arabic evening at first but it was a great experience. I would highly recommend this to anyone that is planning on visiting Dubai.

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Love, Natalia

45 thoughts on “4×4 offroading in the desert and Arabic night || visiting Dubai

  1. This is amazing!!! Sounds like you had the best time and all this is doing for me is fueling my desire to go to Dubai!!
    Camels always look pissed off!! Good thing they had a cloth over their mouth because they will spit on you! I rode camels in Israel that didn’t have that and I was inches away from being spat on!


  2. I love off roading! This must have been such an awesome experience to be able to go off roading in the desert like that!

  3. I love the pictures you took. It must have been an amazing experience to drive in the desert. It looks like a fairy tale. <3

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  7. I have never been in Dubai but it looks like a nice city to visit and doing a 4×4 off roading look like a great adventure.

  8. I have always wanted to visit Dubai. The desert is so beautiful and dry and I’d love to ride on a camel. One day. πŸ™‚

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  12. The dessert looks just like I imagined. Wow! The photos really helped capture your experience and off-roading trip.

  13. awesome! Your photos can pass as Fast and the Furious scene shots. Though heat and I are not in good terms, I would like to give this a go. =)

  14. It sounds like you had the crazy time in desert there! All the pics are so lovely and reflect the natural beauty of desert.

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