24 hours in Brighton & Hove || What to do when visiting Brighton

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I haven’t been to Brighton in years. When my husband told me he needs to go there for a business trip I was more than happy to pack my overnight bag and go with him. I’m really fortunate that my work can be done from any place in the world. Plus I have a cool boss that lets me working outside of the office quite often. I guess this what you call the right work-life balance.

Brighton is only an hour and a half from where we leave yet, I never have time to actually go there. I was quietly excited to spend a few days there and discover the city again, check out new cool places to eat and see what has changed since my last visit.

I spend my morning working from a Café – I was surprised how many people actually work from coffee shops… anyways, after finishing my tasks I went to explore the area.

How to spend 24 hours in Brighton & Hove
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First stop, Brighton West Pier

The first place I went to was the beach by the West Pier. As it was still fairly early in the day, the area was pretty quiet. The weather was beautiful, around 23 degree Celsius and full sunshine. I sat on the stone beach and just watched the world go by. Shops and restaurants just began to open. I sat there for about half an hour before I made my way down towards Brighton Palace Pier.

„West Pier was built in the 1860s. It was designed by Eugenius Birch to attract more tourist and visitors to the Brighton area. All the way to 1916 the West Pier had lots of contractual changes. The Pier closed down in 1975 and fall into disrepair. In 2002 major section of the pier collapsed, and two arson incidents left the English Heritage beyond repair. In 2010 majority of the structure was removed to make space for i360 observation tower

On my way, I passed British Airways i360 observation tower- glass viewing pod that takes you up 450ft for an amazing 360-degree panoramic view of Brighton and the local area. I really regret not going on it, to be honest, but I said to myself that next time my husband goes to Brighton for work I will go with him again just so I can go on it.

Brighton Palace Pier

Walking along the beach toward Palace Pier I went passed lots of in depended shops, restaurants and bars getting ready for the afternoon trade. If you fancy a little bit of history, you can pop into Fishing Museum that is free to enter and is located right at the seafronts. It really felt like being on holiday abroad.

After about 15 minutes of a slow walk, I made it to Brighton Palace Pier.

The pier was full of people, mainly kids on their school trips. I had to wander around before I grabbed one of the free decking chairs to do a bit of sunbathing and listen to the local buskers. If sunbathing and chilling isn’t your thing, you can spend your day at the amusement park located at the end of the pier, spend few ££ at the arcades or have lunch at the Victoria Restaurant.

For all the brave people, outside of the pier, there is a Brighton Zip– the longest zip in South coast measuring 300m with an additional drop zone offering a 24m free-fall experience. Somehow I passed on this attraction lol

If you have a bit more time than I had, you can also visit Sealife I did that on my first ever trip to Brighton many, many, many years ago. It was pretty amazing, but you will need to be prepared to spend a good few hours there to see everything properly.

Royal Pavilion

Around 2 pm I started making my way back towards the town centre so I can check in into our hotel and do some more work. I decided to take a little detour and visit the Royal Pavilion which you can’t miss when visiting Brighton. The Royal Pavilion is surrounded by beautiful gardens. As it was such a beautiful day, lots of people chose to have their lunch there, seating on the grass and chilling.

Just outside of the garden gates there is a Brighton Dome and Brighton Museum & Art gallery, which due to lack of time ( I was there only for one day) I could not visit, but I added them to my list of „places to visit on my next return“

If you planning on going inside the Royal Pavilion, I will recommend doing so first thing in the morning as later it can get super busy with all the school kids and other tourists.

„ The Royal Pavilion was built in 3 stages in 1787. It was a seaside residency for George, Prince of Wales. The Pavilion was then extended in 1815“

Brighton Town Centre

Brighton Town centre is very lively and colourful. Everyone is very chilled but full of life at the same time. Somehow, it gives me that happy hippy Ibiza vibe. You can hear music almost everywhere.

Apart from being a sea site destination, Brighton is also a student town. As you can imagine, its full of shops and bars. There is always something going on here. From cultural festivals, gigs, art showcases to Circus or Lady Boys show. I can guarantee that no matter how long you planning on staying in Brighton, you not going to be bored.

There is also a wide choice of restaurants and cafes. Here, you will find your typical chain restaurants, but also lots of quirky independent ones, serving almost any type of food you might fancy.

The things I disliked

I guess, as every large town, Brighton comes with a few minutes. First one being super expensive parking, so if you planning on travelling here, I would recommend to come on the train or do the Park and Ride. Both, Bus station and Train Station are located in the heart of town with around 10-15 min walk to the beach.

The other negative is homelessness. Brighton has a very large problem with homeless people, especially around the town centre area. They like to seat and beg around the train station as this is where the highest number of footfall is. But on the other hand, none of them approached me asking for money, so I guess it’s not all bad.

If you visiting Brighton for longer…

If you visiting Brighton for longer than one day and looking for more places to visit here is a list of other attractions that I hope to see on my next trip.

Brighton Marina– slightly outside of town, so you will need to take a short bus ride, or if you decide to walk, make sure you wear comfortable shoes.

Volks Electric rail– located on the seafront, nearby Brighton Royal Pier. Being 134 year old, making it the oldest electric railway in the world

Choccywoccydoodah – a famous chocolate shop that serves delicious cakes and makes incredible things out of chocolate. They use to have their own TV show

Have lunch at Stanmer House a beautiful country house serving traditional British food

Visit The Victoria bar at The Grand Brighton for few cocktails and afternoon tea- that’s definitely a MUST for me 😉

My step count that day
My step count that day

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  1. Brighton was one of the spot my family and I used to go for a Sunday brunch and also stroll along the coast line when I was still living in England. Still remember the mad time we had at the pier fair and it was always a fun day out. Glad it still kept in great shape.

  2. The Royal Palace gardens are beautiful. I think I’d like visiting the various piers too. Glad you could make the trip!!!


  3. How nice is it to be able to join your husband on a work trip! You covered so much ground (literally!) All of the sites look super fun. I would love to check out the zipline (just don’t tell my mother).

  4. wow there is so much to do and that is so cool and amazing. it looks like such a great place to visit with tons of different attractions some for everyone which is great if traveling wiht a group of friends.

  5. Brighton looks like a very beautiful place to go and relax. I would love to be that close to a beach. I love all beaches. There is something so relaxing and serene about a beach. Your pictures are beautiful and captures your day there.

  6. It looks like so much fun! Definitely saving this to plan a trip there. Thanks for sharing these awesome spots!

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