This blog is dedicated to every girl...

...who has 100 ideas per second

...who has dreams and is not afraid to make those dreams become reality

...who is loving life and trying to experience as much as possible

...who is always true to herself

...who knows exactly what she wants from life

...who recognizes she is special and not meant to be like everybody else

Wife to my best friend, and love of my life- Chris. "Mummy" to our beautiful chocolate lab- Rusko.

Enjoy!Β Love, NataliaΒ πŸ˜™


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4 weeks ago
If you're a #Dog owner you should definitely check this out
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4 weeks ago
Don't you just love it when you have a tone of work to do but the entire network decide to stop working for 2 days?! #lifestuggles #KillMeNow 😣😭
1 month ago
My husband suffers from chronic hayfever 10 months a year!!!He needs to be injected with pollen once a year to build his immune system and take lots of antihistamines each day to be able to function #ThisMorning
1 month ago
Do you ever feel like you being watched?😨🀣🀣 #dogsoftwitter #doglovers #dog Lifeasawife1 photo